My Projects

Here you find a collection of my software projects. I am a proud supporter of Free Software as defined by the Free Software Foundation, for that reason most of my software is released under a FLOSS license. Please refer to the specific source repository for detailed license information.

If you find any software you would like to use, and which does not have a license, please feel free to contact me. It is likely that I just forgot to add a license.


This is a telegraphy (Morse) training application inspired by I wrote this small application in a couple days while I was unable to access due to lack of an Internet connection. This little piece of software actually gave me an opportunity to recall dynamic programming (for global string matching) and apply the theory from my signal processing lecture I attended in that timeframe (digital filters using Scipy). I intend to use this application as a test bed for proper Python packaging.

Source repository


As most budding programmers, many years ago I attempted to write an operating system. For lack of experience in C and systems programming, I ended up copying a lot of tutorial “boilerplate” (yes, there is such a thing in OS dev) code. Feeling uncomfortable with copy-pasting so much code, I eventually abandoned the project before getting to the interesting part. Since then on it sits there, taunting me. Maybe I will eventually pick it up again, maybe with the Intel manual alone, and finally get it to actually deserve its name.

For anyone trying to get into OS development, I certainly recommend the great resources by Lowlevel (German) and

Source repository


After chikenOS, I turned my eye to a part of low-level development situated in user space: A C standard library (libc). I mainly implemented the parts that interested me the most (the printf() family, and malloc()/free()) and didn’t bother so much with the rest. But it was indeed a nice finger-stretching exercise in C.

Source repository

Freifunk Aachen Open Data

I created a small open data portal for the Freifunk community in Aachen to gather the output of all the small data visualization scripts I had also written.

When developing this software, I was able to pick up the basics of processing spatial data, and dealing with e. g. different 2D projections.

Freifunk Aachen Open Data
Source repository (visualization tools)