HAM radio

Since 2016, I am a certified amateur radio enthusiast, and licensed to work the HAM bands with the call sign DL6IN (first person who gets the reference and is not XanClic gets a virtual cookie).

Right now, you will seldom find me on the band for lack of equipment or a nearby radio club station I could use. Maybe you can hear me every couple months from the shack of the RWTH Aachen University HAM radio group (DL0UA).

To finally get QRV, I plan to use a magnetic loop antenna tuned to the 80m to 20m bands. I will build the antenna from common copper water pipe to a diameter of about 1.5 meters. After measuring the resulting inductivity, I will be able to look for an appropriate variable capacitor to close the loop.

For more information to this specific antenna design, I would recommend the pages by Gerhardt Schmidt (DG4FAC) who provided the main inspiration for my future build.

As for the transmitter, I still don’t know. I will probably buy the first cheap device I come across. If anyone has a recommendation or wants to offer me used equipment, feel free to contact me.