This is the home page of David Kolossa, in the Internet commonly known as yayachiken.

live in the old imperial city of Aachen, Germany, close to the “tri-border region” of Germany, The Netherlands and Belgium. I am also the father of two beautiful children, a son (5 years) and a daughter (close to 1 year.)

In 2016, I graduated from RWTH Aachen University with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, and I currently work as a Software Engineer. My current work at a local mining supplier revolves around delivering agile software solutions while still maintaining the quality that the conservative and safety-minded mining industry requires.

Since 2016, I am a proud owner of a HAM radio license (call DL6IN). Unfortunately, I am not QRV for lack of equipment. At the moment, I regularily practice telegraphy via Morse code, using my self-written Morse trainer application (using the time-tested Koch-Farnsworth method).

Other (not only radio-based) interests include working on Freifunk mesh networks, most notably in the community of Aachen, high-frequency radio tech, working with electronics and system programming. As for non-technical subjects, since recently I’m learning the basics of finance, the economy, and bookkeeping.

I am a member of the Chaos Computer Club, and enjoy hanging around in various hackerspaces maintained by its Erfas, usually the local space CCCAC.

When I have time among these activities (i.e. when I get really bored), I try to teach myself how to play the guitar, with questionable success. I’m also on a continuing quest to work through the enormous backlog of Perry Rhodan pulp novels, with slightly more success.